Road kill

So today started off really well again with me winning the radio show competition (twice in 10 days yes!) and this time bagging a family ticket to the theatre next week which my girls will love!

Then the day started to turn. Some students of mine were putting on a performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at 1st school today and I had to arrive at 8.45 to unload and do the ‘get in’, which is theatre speak for carry lots of heavy props and staging into the venue.

This week there’s been a newspaper and tv article about the students and parents at this school protesting about people pulling cars up on the yellow lines and how dangerous it is for the children. They have put a row of teddy bears and other cute soft toys out along the pavement to prove the point. It was crazy down there and I had nowhere to even pull my car up opposite the school or anything and hadn’t been advised where to go, I ended up pulling onto the yellow lines and then my students told me that I did actually take out one of the teddies!! I was absolutely mortified and felt a thousand shames… I had the task of getting the staging and props in as quick as possible out of the rain and in hindsight we should have arranged to do the whole thing 15 minutes later when the parents and kids had gone! Trust me to get spotted by the parent police running over a teddy 🤦🏼‍♀️

Dead bear

The first thing I thought when I was upset was “I deserve a drink tonight” but instead I got myself a naughty lunch from McDonald’s and got on with the day. Enjoying my usual cup of tea tonight.

On an aside…I live a mile from my kids school and we walk to school every day whatever the weather …

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A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

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