Night out

People can take great offence if you turn up to their big event and DONT DRINK ALCOHOL. They find it insulting, I know this because I used to be the same- I used to believe that people could only have a good time with alcohol. However I now know this is utter bollocks and Im on a mission to prove it to others…except tonight I think I’m going to pretend otherwise if possible….

Here’s my plan…

I’m driving so there’s the big deal breaker, I can’t drink and drive…but as mentioned in earlier posts I’m out for a LONG day and night so I actually could drink earlier on but then I know I’d get restless and want more and the whole day would be ruined and centred around my next fix or going home early to have a drink…whatever it’s not going to happen.

Also I have a really kind sister-in-law /best friend that doesn’t think much of alcohol anyway and happily goes without 🤷‍♀️(I know, WTF?) and I know she will kindly say “I don’t mind driving if you want to have a drink” but she knows my mission and will support me, but I just know if push came to shove she would drive us home. Well I’ve decided I’m going to not tell others I’m not drinking (hopefully people won’t ask anyway) I’ll just say I don’t like prosecco since that’s what the day involves and pretend there is vodka in my Diet Coke.

The hen do itinerary looks like this-

11am: Everybody welcome to my house for a bottomless brunch! 🥂
12.30pm: Taxis to town 🚖
1pm: Life drawing with cocktails. 🎨
2.30pm approx. Cocktails and drinks (venue TBC) 🍸
4.30pm approx. Drinks and Dinner (Venue TBC)🥘 🍷
6.30pm Bar for more drinks and a sing along 🎤 🍺
9pm Cabaret 🎭 evening begins with drinks reception 🍾
12am approx.let’s celebrate with drinking and dancing 🕺.

I mean…that’s along day full of alcohol, normally I would be super excited about getting smashed, but the way I am now I’m not thinking about the alcohol part and just about how great it’s going to be to spend the time with friends and people I’ve not seen for a while to catch up…hopefully I’ll be the last one standing , I’ll still be in all the pictures but won’t wake up with that horrid feeling of “Omg what did I do yesterday/what did I say to people that I shouldn’t have” and yes I’ll be tired but I won’t be hungover 😵

I have a gig tomorrow afternoon and my girls need to spend quality time with me so I need a clear head and that’s what I’m going to have, wish me luck!!!!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

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