Almost though week one (again)

So last Wednesday was the evening (from 4pm) when I finished THAT bottle of vodka…. and I am so happy I haven’t bought more since then! Waking up each morning I do a quick rethink of the day before and remember I didn’t drink and I can feel proud and clear headed…

Instead of thinking about myself I can focus on the three kids who need a lot of my real attention these days, rather than me sitting getting pissed beside them and not actually listening to them.

I have already had one thought of having friends round and I couldn’t help myself but say there would be plenty of prosecco…as I was trying to cheer up a friend, but I don’t think they will take me up on the offer and if they do I will get myself alcohol free??? Leaving that bridge until I have to cross it …

Feeling much more productive this week and like life is less Scary as I’m able to get other things done on an evening. I even restarted looking at my music theory which I began and then haven’t done any for months and I’ve got my first few outdoor gigs booked in so things are really looking up.

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

6 thoughts on “Almost though week one (again)

  1. Yay congrats, I’ve been checking your blog to see how you’re getting on. It’s so hard the first few days.

    Outdoor gigs sound amazing what a lovely thing to look forward to. I havent had the girls yet round either and crossing that bridge when I come to it. Let me know any tips you find to get through it (so I can steal them 😉)


  2. Hey, new here to the sobriety thing too. Planning to cut off completely at end of summer. (per agreement with hubs) But I have been on that merry go round SOOOOO many times the “oh, I feel like hell, why do I do this, I need to stop” only to do it again and again. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Ugh I always tell myself this, I’m a fairly intelligent person, so what is wrong with me? I’ve realized it’s not me, it’s the alcohol, it’s a nasty addictive substance.

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  3. I often invited friends over when I was trying to quit, but didn’t want to. Then I would drink too much and decided I was fine and on and on.

    Sometimes the answer is to tell everyone. I told all my friends I was taking one year off from booze. Many laughed.
    I did it though, and I see now that many of my friends then also abuse alcohol.

    Protect yourself. Help yourself gain sober traction. Have you gone to AA?

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