That Friday feeling

Ok so it’s Friday, almost a week since my binge last Saturday, and dreadful Sunday to follow. I’ve found myself saying a few times that I’m actually not “that” bad and a few drinks this weekend would be ok….hmmm I’ve said this many times before.

The festival is a very mini music thing to try and get live music going again in our home town, so maybe only 100 people there…my sister says she’s not going to drink either, as she is aware I’ve been struggling, she also can struggle with similar issues so the two of us together isn’t great when we drink as neither of us know when to stop.

I was going to take my car so there was no temptation but we won’t all fit so will walk…so I just have to be stronger for tomorrow. Knowing that even a few drinks tomorrow will lead to too many the next time, I just don’t want it. But I also don’t want it to be such a great big “thing” you know? So not putting too much pressure on myself, I would hate to have to reset my insta #100happysoberdays so I think I’ve got this! ☝️👌

Felt really fit last night and decided to do a half marathon as my weekly long run, was great!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

9 thoughts on “That Friday feeling

  1. We are similar… it is crazy how soon after feeling like absolute shit because of drinking the voice will start up “well, maybe only a few, that will be ok, it will be fun…”. For me documenting every time helped – looking back and realizing that really, 98% of times I regretted it after. You will NOT regret it if you stay sober though.

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