Approaching week 3

Day 19

As my third sober week approaches I’m still feeling army strong! Not thinking of having a drink anytime in the near future.

It was my uncles funeral on Wednesday and unfortunately I didn’t have much opportunity to know him as my mum was never close to her brothers, he lived in New Zealand for many years with his wife but they moved back a few years ago. I was really upset at the funeral but more because I feel like I’ve totally missed out on this being part of this persons life, and I actually think we were more alike than most. His outlook on life even with cancer was so positive, he was musical and really passionate about travel and music…why did I never know this? I contacted his wife afterwards (whom I’ve always looked at as a princess since her wedding day when I was 9, I thought she was the most beautiful person I’d seen in real life) and asked if I could keep in touch more, but it feels abit too late, why didn’t I bother before? Too busy getting drunk to care? Then again they never contacted me but I think it comes more from the broken relationship with my mum, which makes me sad and angry.

Anyway when I thought about meeting up with her in the future and visits etc I did think “I would probably have to drink to get the most out of it” but actually that’s bull because if I drink them what? I become a sobbing idiot talking about myself rather than finding out about them which is my intention….

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A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

3 thoughts on “Approaching week 3

    1. Thank you, yes I think I just feel like we could have been really close, she’s so lovely, and my mum just never liked her (was jealous of her perhaps and her younger brother who seemed to have it all?). I’m going to record a song to send to her next week and send some flowers the following week and plan to take my grandma there (it’s a 3hour drive) when boris allows …

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