Day 72

How is everyone getting on? It’s amazing how strong and fit I feel after these 72 days without alcohol, and I’m never bloated (that’s from saying goodbye to fizzy drinks too as an added bonus). I’m a small person so it’s great not to carry that fizzy frump around with me anymore!

It’s 6.45 and I’m about to do an exercise class at 7, of course I couldn’t do that if I had been sloshed last night. All those mornings spent on the toilet, shutting my eyes and wishing I would wake up the next day. What a waste, but I’m away from that now, can’t change the past but I sure can be in charge of my future!!🤛💪🏻

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

9 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. Keep that momentum going! I’ve seen a dramatic change in you since you got sober. You’re truly embracing sobriety and reaping all the benefits of your new-found life. For me, I have to remember, especially where I am right now in my life, exactly what you said here, “…can’t change the past but I sure can be in charge of my future!” That is exactly what I’m trying to do. You’re an inspiration to everyone!


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