The Little Things

It’s the little things I love about being sober. Being present in conversations, small moments in time when I remember that I could not or would not have felt a certain way had I been drinking, appreciating my health and time with my children, being a better and more consistent parent to my children. There are so many positives I could go on to list.

The things I miss about drinking? I think I need to have a good think about this, as I seem to be getting the pull stronger than ever, so maybe it will help me to establish what exactly I am looking for from an alcoholic drink…

I know a big trigger is boredom, wanting to feel different, feel something different. Also wanting to feel like I belong – Im a social group for example. Yesterday I found my self saying to a ‘new’ friend about her garden ‘oh it will be lovely in the summer we can sit with a bottle of wine’….and this made me question why I felt the need to say that…like I might not get invited around if I wasn’t going to drink…..for all I know she may not want to drink…..but it is so ingrained in us that this is the normal way, this is what adults do, they work in the week then get fucked up at the weekend to start all over again on the Monday morning probably feeling shitter as the weeks go on.

I’m free of that now, so why do I envision future friendships with booze – I think this added to my wanting to drink yesterday, as that’s the second time I’ve mentioned something like this to someone and if I’m thinking of drinking then, why not now too? I’ve got a hold of this now (I feel) and has resigned myself to the fact that I can do 6 months and go from there. There is no point stopping before then. I can reassess.

Whatever rules I put in place for myself if I did start drinking again, I know I would work around in time, and end up right where I am, so I guess that kind of tells me something – I shouldn’t start again!!!

I follow a friend on Facebook that set up a business around supporting people to get sober, Claire ‘the soberholic’ is inspiring so many people – she asked me if I would like to take part in one of her podcasts…which I would love to, but then I thought ‘oh god I can’t drink now then for sure until that’s done!’ So even if that is all that keeps me going through this rocky time at least it does…if that makes sense?!

Here is a link to her website for anyone interested –

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

7 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Yes, well I suppose we are only friends because of this issue though just she happens to be from where I am too, but lives in wales now. I was introduced to her by a friend that had also struggled, there’s an awful lot of us!

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  2. That’s a really good question, what do I miss about drinking? I’m going to think about that one too! I know what I love about not drinking! Your first paragraph is just lovely! Very awesome about future podcasts!! 😃

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  3. Yes, the boredom is a factor for me also! And like you I am trying to go for as long as possible. I gave alcohol up for about 6 months two years ago and slowly slipped back into it again, so I am back where I started, just more annoyed with myself now. Good luck and sthanks for sharing.


  4. Boredom is one of my biggest triggers. I have learnt to deal with boredom when I am at home now. I have other outlets but it does still hit me sometimes. The hardest thing is the boredom I felt in social situations without booze. Being in groups of friends, something I loved when drinking, I find really hard work and quite dull now. It’s not been an issue with Covid as I haven’t had to socialise but it will be something I have to address in the future I suppose. I find I quickly have enough and want to leave. It’s a bog shift from someone who always stayed until the bitter end and had FOMO regularly … 🤷‍♀️


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