What the heck….?

I just suddenly thought it might be ok to drink on Saturday 🤦🏼‍♀️ what is wrong with me!!! Where is my strength going to mid-week? Ok

Reasons not to drink – come home and spend the evening with the kids for girly sleepover (I’ve planned this so the gathering can be earlier and said my kids have planned this so I can’t get out of it…a friend said why didn’t I ask them to bring it forward to Friday night instead)

Can take the car

Won’t have horrible hangover, won’t need medicine on Sunday morning

Will feel good on Easter Sunday

If I drink Saturday I will probably drink Easter Sunday and then it’s bank holiday Monday ffs

Won’t have to spend money on booze I don’t need

Won’t make a tit of myself /have regrets/ guilt

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

11 thoughts on “What the heck….?

  1. I wish I had the answer.
    I swore off booze so many mondays and then drank again on Friday. It was such a cycle of despair and insanity.

    Do not buy booze. Every time you even think about it post here. Yes, it might feel odd. That means it’s good for you!

    Buy some treats. Eat them whenever you are motivated to. Do not worry about them. They are way better than drinking poison.

    Plan for you. A fun Easter. A nice Monday off. Sober.


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  2. All perfect reasons not to drink this weekend! My reasons are my daughter is coming home from college and I want to be fully here with her and also she’s 5 hours away, one way. Sunday we will be making the 10 hr trip to take her back. I want to feel awesome when I wake up for that!
    We got this!!

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  3. Great job catching yourself thinking about drinking and playing the tape forward to see how your weekend would go if you acted on those thoughts! I have to remind myself that “I am not my thoughts” – nothing wrong with you for having a craving. That voice in our heads is a sneaky thing, but you were able to call it out as a lie. Well done!

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  4. Oh yes, Groundhog Day.
    I’d tell myself at 2:00 I wouldn’t go to happy hour or get a bottle to take home, after teaching.
    Then at 3:30, I’d end up going.
    So many reasons not to drink, but my self esteem, and freedom are the best!

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