Oh May oh My!

Well this May has been so much better than last years, I drank everyday last May, I think a lot of it does come down to not having to get up for work last year and the responsibilities etc. I didn’t drive for so long, that used to mean I could drink.

There have been about two days when I’ve walked past a pub beer garden and imagined going in, but quickly distracted myself or dismissed the thought, so that’s good.

There is a 3night family holiday next Friday which I keep wondering if o should drink at or not. I don’t want to I’m pretty sure but it’s going to test me.

It’s my eldest daughters football tournament and we are staying a caravan with the rest of the team in about 10 other vans next door…it’s a theme park so the last thing I want is a hangover wandering around trying to entertain the kids each day or on the long drive home. I won’t be taking any booze, and we are taking my middle daughters friend whose mum said “I’ll send some nice adult treats for you”. I thought about it for a while, and text her to say we didn’t drink so there was no need, I felt proud of this as it would have been easier just to accept wine or whatever and have the temptation there all weekend.

The rest of the group however do have lots of talk about what they will be drinking/ taking and I know there will be lots of drink available and offered, but I need to say no. I don’t need it, I need sleep more!!!! I’m sure there will be others there that don’t drink a lot, and I’m sure there will be some that drink too much and suffer from it! Not me!!!

I’m in charge of 4 kids, one isn’t mine so I need to stay responsible, it would be so easy to take a drink, but then I will want another, it will become embarrassing as I won’t have my own so then I’ll either have to beg, borrow or steal or pop to the shop and buy and then it begins and continues the horrid cycle of dread.

Please send positive vibes xx

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

8 thoughts on “Oh May oh My!

  1. Please consider that your daughter and her team mates are watching.
    I remember when my ex and I quit drinking.
    Cooper told me after a hockey trip that he was happy to have parents who were interested and available, and didn’t embarrass him. I expect we had embarrassed him in the past. Sigh.

    I always remember that…

    Be that mom.


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    1. yes I hadn’t yet considered that, but now it really strikes a chord – I know there will be others there drinking and I think in a way that may help now because I will be able to see what I am doing right….or what I would be doing wrong if I did drink (which I wont – Ive taken the question away from myself now as it was starting to be a ‘if’ rather than a ‘not’. Not everyone that drinks around their kids is wrong, but I am because I have a problem with alcohol and don’t know when to stop.

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  2. Hi, for some reason I can’t comment on WordPress. I think you are awesome, I’ve watched your journey, the falls and the rises. Keep going, don’t know your thoughts on AF drinks, so many people find then helpful but ultimately you do what is working for you.

    Wish I was I was you xxxx

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    1. thank you so much!! but hey I bet you are awesome to you just can’t see it yet! I don’t like AF drinks cos I don’t really like the taste of wine / beer/ larger….but I can have my pepsi and it can easily look like an alcoholic drink if I wanted it to, with a long glass and bit of ice…so yeah Im feeling stringer about the weekend now, thank you again, Lou xxx


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