Mid-summer update

Things have been going well these last few weeks since my last blog. The concert on the Saturday was great and I made the best decision to not drink. I arrived at the horse races with my two girls (12 & 10 now) – the event is called ‘ladies day’ but by the time we arrived there weren’t many ladies to be found…most had been drinking since the day began it seemed…so we made our way through thousands of drunk people wearing silly hats and fascinators, carrying pints and huge pitchers of booze….I felt embarrassed that had I not had the girls with me I could have been one of them…

Anyway the after races concert came on and we loved it. Im trying to put together a Jess Glynne Tribute so seeing her was part of my research into that and I feel confident I can recreate her set and show…she’s a bit of a lazy artist to tell you the truth I felt.

As we left there were fights starting and people literally couldn’t stand. Men standing peeing against the walls…it was awful…my daughter asked why the women were doing yoga – they were just on all 4’s on the grass because they had lost the ability to stand and were all pissing themselves laughing at each other. Again, a twinge of embarrassment that when it is you it is funny…but I kept picturing them the next morning, and how horrendous I would feel…and I was so grateful to myself for not drinking, as I know I would have been showing my kids that this behaviour is acceptable. it’s just not.

Anyway, still sober since….and proud and pleased. Have booked a few nights away at the beginning of September – with kids of course so I wont be drinking. I won’t.

I took up a yoga challenge at a new place in town called ‘hot yoga’ they set the temperature in an inflatable tent to 37 degrees and you sweat like never before…I was emailed about a six week challenge and took on the ‘3 classes a week’ option (this was the highest one available). I immediately told myself I have to do 4 a week, and there is one other person on the board doing the same which is really annoying me. I know it shouldn’t be like this with yoga – it’s not a competition, it’s a self-thingie…but man that drive to prove myself just takes over. But it could be a worse habit? and this is only for 3 more weeks – I can’t keep it up its too expensive – once the challenge is up Ill do one class a week, for myself, no more signing up to challenges.

A similar thing happened about 6 weeks ago – I’m not sure if I already mentioned this?! But anyway – I signed up to a Marathon and immediately started freaking out about my training regime and time and it became so loud in my head I just cancelled the run. Now I have been offered (and I’ve accepted) a free place in the Great North Run – a very popular half marathon which I’ve never had the chance to do – and Im trying really hard NOT TO train, not to look at times, and just run when I can between then and now (there is only 5 weeks till the race or maybe 4…Im not counting!) and just doing it for myself…Im not announcing socially that I’m doing it (other than here but that doesn’t count right?)…I’m just going to run!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

3 thoughts on “Mid-summer update

  1. Awesome job! I went to a family little gathering this past Saturday night. 2 family members were quite drunk. I was quite annoyed with them but quickly told myself over a year ago, that was me. So glad I’m not there and love the mind switch in my brain now concerning alcohol. Yeah I bet those ladies felt so shitty the next morning and then there’s you, feeling great! 😃

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