Ride it out

I’ve been thinking o only tend to come here for a pity party and kind gentle words of reassurance after a binge night- so I’m putting this out there tonight. I want to have a bottle of wine tonight. I wanted to have one last night. I didn’t and I felt so happy that I didn’t but it is uncomfortable sitting with this. I realised I was “going to take the recycling to the shop” simply as a way for my brain to make it one step easier for me to cave….so the recyclables wait…do you find yourself making excuses to pop out when you know you shouldn’t?

I’m trying to think why I want to drink and at the money I think it is just habit. I promised my nearly 13 year old I wouldn’t drink in the house so who am I to break that promise. I’m on a 12 day streak now…. I can do this!!!!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

6 thoughts on “Ride it out

  1. You so can! 💪🏻 I’m on day 12 too!! It’s been pretty easy for me but today I had to redirect for sure. I knew I had the house to myself for awhile and was going to get a list of my Christmas gifts and see what’s left to buy. My brain thought of a drink to sip on would be nice. I had to tell myself no and came home from work, made some coffee and it has seemed to pass already. I think it was because I was out and about and clearly able to stop into any of the liquor stores I passed. My goal goes until Christmas, then to make a new one over the holidays I’m thinking.

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