Can’t sleep

I can’t sleep for a different reason tonight. Which didn’t feel half as bad as not sleeping because I’m drunk…I have that knowledge that I won’t feel guilty on top of tired tomorrow.

I had “opportunities” to drink today several times and didn’t and I’m so happy I didn’t!!! Especially now lying in bed at 1am, living in the town centre has its perks but also the disadvantage of noisy drunks leaving the pubs and clubs on a weekend.

A young girl (too young to drink maybe 17) was outside screaming at we mother, who was yelling and screaming back at her, the things they were saying were horrible, I had to call the police, who came but too late as they had left …now I can’t stop thinking about the young girl and what she was saying and what the hell has been going on in her life for her to feel like she was. Mostly it is the alcohol but the mothers reaction was horrid too.

It just emphasised the fact that I hate alcohol. There’s no way they would have been behaving like they were without the alcohol, and then other groups that wander by merrily or not merrily…it’s just sad….what a different world we would live in without this drug.. xx


Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

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