Food for thought

So I did my first sober week for a long time last week like I had planned, but then Friday nights meal out I did drink, hence my silence here. I had spent time planning my drink request, and the surprise in everyone’s faces, but at the last minute I chickened out. I had two glasses of wine with the meal. That would have been ok, but I went upstairs to the toilet before the meal and snuck a double vodka, and then I stayed back after the meal to ‘catch up with a friend’ and basically cadge another free double V from the restaurant manager since we are good friends. Anyway I did go home and nothing bad happened, although I felt sheepish.

So on Saturday morning I booked a zoom call with my life coach/ hypnotist Melanie Gillespie (she is amazing!!) and even though it’s pricey I knew it would be what I needed as she has helped me so much before.

I have a recording of Monday’s zoom call which Im going to go through on my day off (next Monday) and write down the key points, things like just knowing I am a non drinker takes drinking off the table completely, even if it’s free or whatever – a vegetarian wouldn’t eat a meat sandwich just because it was free, so why should I put poison in my body just because it’s free or everybody else is? I have completely prioritised my children over alcohol and that feels great. I have a scale in my head with the image of the kids on one end and the image of me in a drunken mess at the bottom of the stairs – or not even that bad just me sitting have an alcoholic drink (which will eventually lead to the bottom of the stairs again with a child in my arms)….which one is more important is easy to visualise and easy to know what the next step or right thing to do is.

Something I’ve read in soemone


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3 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Keep gathering support. There are many online meetings, group, books.
    Really, it starts with deciding you do not drink, no matter what. And then doing whatever it takes to maintain that.
    It is freedom. You will be amazed.



    1. Thank you! Feeling good on day 12…first time I’ve gone over 7 days for a while and feeling good about it. I’m working on things though, not just saying “oh I’m ok cos I’m not drinking right now”…I realise now I need to do the work as well

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