Day 79

Has it been almost a week since I last made a post? The days are going so fast, I guess it’s because I don’t wake up with dread each day. Still feel great physically and not at all wanting a drink, I think the hypnotist deserves a medal! I tend to write when things are hard, so remembering to blog when things are good is tricky!! Sorry!! Will try harder ☺️

Day 72

How is everyone getting on? It’s amazing how strong and fit I feel after these 72 days without alcohol, and I’m never bloated (that’s from saying goodbye to fizzy drinks too as an added bonus). I’m a small person so it’s great not to carry that fizzy frump around with me anymore!

It’s 6.45 and I’m about to do an exercise class at 7, of course I couldn’t do that if I had been sloshed last night. All those mornings spent on the toilet, shutting my eyes and wishing I would wake up the next day. What a waste, but I’m away from that now, can’t change the past but I sure can be in charge of my future!!🤛💪🏻

I did it!

Ok, day 59 and I’m feeling super strong! Just been to weatherspoons (for the last time for a while with new restrictions coming in tomorrow in the UK) with my friend that I usually only drink with! I ordered my fruit juice and didn’t want alcohol at any point!!!

I looked at people drinking and thought about the toxins they were putting into their bodies… I can’t say I’m all high and mighty and it wasn’t like I thought I was better than anyone else I just felt satisfied, when usually I’d be trying to cram in as many drinks as possible and keep the kids out long past them being bored, it’s just such a relief! And I will wake up tomorrow on day 60/2 months!!

Day 58 – going for the 100?

Still sober but seem to be eating non stop, could just be the Halloween crap….

At the weekend I had that “let’s have a drink” feeing/idea but I came here and re-read the last time I gave up giving up and realised what I really want. I really want to give myself the gift of health and happiness and knowing my feelings. Not always wondering if my mood is low because of alcohol at the weekend or night before, trusting my intuition. It feels good. Much better than any hangover!!

I did have Pepsi again but felt awful after it so won’t be buying it again, it’s not enjoyable at all. I am having far too much caffeine so I’m going to start keeping an eye on that, if I can limit to 5 cups a day that will be better than what I’m currently having 6-8 😩

Day 50

I made it….let’s not get complacent…if I look back at day 50 the last time I can see that I made the mistake to drink again too soon.

Im amazed to be at day 50 to be honest, and know I can get to 100. Then what?

Day 48

I’m on day 48 and really feel tempted to buy vodka as a “treat” it’s half term…one of my only Saturdays off…it’s raining …I’m bored…got kids so can’t do anything like work etc….help

Killing the craving with fizzy pop (which I’ve also not drank for 48 days!!)