Starting again

So I feel like shit. My head is killing me, my stomach is churning and I keep running to the loo….

First thing I did when I went downstairs was pour out the remaining vodka…. there wasn’t much left, the £9.99 bottle has 13.4 units in and I probably had 9…on top of the 4 free glasses of prosecco that kicked it all off… I was so relieved my singing went well and watching others sipping fizz in the sun I just didn’t even put up a fight…as soon as I’d had one I was asking for more, drinking fast so I could try and get as many free drinks in before we headed home…snuck out to the little shop to get vodka …. why!!!

I started talking shite to everyone, I was messaging people (nothing horrendous just pissed talk though which is annoying for people) and now I just feel rough.

I will buy the jason vale book today. Thanks for the support yesterday.. I definitely feel like now I know I just don’t want to drink…I achieved nothing, it’s set me back with my fitness and just nothing good came from drinking last night…I’ve got a festival with my sister next Saturday and I was worried about that because I thought I’d wanna drink but now I just know I don’t want to. I’m thinking of starting an instant account or something where I can count down from 100 days to keep myself motivated but might just stick with this

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A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

3 thoughts on “Starting again

  1. I don’t think nothing has come from it though. In a way it’s really positive as now you have clarity.

    And well done for pouring it away, I know I would have really really struggled doing that with gin.

    I found Jason great, he’s like made me think I dont want it, instead of I cant have it which has helped massively, but I know some havent enjoyed it. It’s a hard slog reading it tho (I thought anyway).
    I hope you have a great Sunday, don’t beat yourself up, no good ever comes from it xx

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  2. I also loved Allen Carr’s book. But blogging is an excellent tool. Keep posting and I will keep commenting!

    I’m not sure where festivals are still going on, but I have not gone to anything sober that wasn’t better. No line ups, not getting lost, no hangovers.

    There is an easier life just waiting for you to leave the vodka behind and grab ahold of. One without obsession or regrets.

    Have you gone to AA? Maybe a meeting would kick start your journey?

    Hug. You can do this.


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