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Got home from work tonight and could not be bothered to cook so I took the kids to Wetherspoons to take advantage of the promotional offers on at the minute…. had no intention of buying alcohol, which felt strange but also good not to worry about how many I could fit in in the short time we were there. Had iced water and a nice meal for £12 for five of us!!!amazing

Home now, all settled in PJs for the night, if this had been a drinking night I would have gone to get sneaky vodka and be in the same state I was on sat again. Why do I pour the biggest drinks possible? It’s so I can try to drink as much in as little time, like when you are a teenager and have no money to drink so just wanted to feel drunk as cheaply as possible….step out into the fresh air, head rush…stumble home, giggle…it was different then. Much different, it won’t be like that again.

Bought jason vale and enjoying it so far…just finding time to read is tricky!!

Published by Sober Singer

A 30-something year old mum of 3 on a mission to life life alcohol free

6 thoughts on “#100happysoberdays

      1. Lol. When I first got sober I searched for something and found Jean at Unpickled. Turns out she lives in the same province as me, and we have become good friends.

        It is a small world. If my experience could help someone else feel less alone, as Jean did for me, I am honoured.

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